Hi, everyone. Part of my inner work & healing is believing in myself. Dispelling the lack of support I had & the negative voices that still linger. I have some amazing friends in my life now & I am so very grateful for them. They're making a tremendous difference.

One thing, I want to be more determined about pursuing & honing my craft & being successful with it. Maybe not on the New York Times Best Sellers List. Successful in that I can take care of all of my expenses & then some. Plus being able to nourish my soul. As volunteering at the shelter & helping others has done.

I'm offering a poetry service on Fiverr. I really haven't considered being a poet. Though I have written some over the years. No more than a couple of dozen. I always needed to be inspired. I didn't think I was the type that could just sit down & knock one out. A couple of days ago I realized, it's because those were more personal & needed to be deeply felt. If a client gave me a theme, I could probably come up with something good. I do well with improv.

The holidays are coming up & maybe you'd like something a little different to give. This is also suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, just because, etc. I mainly do uplifting & romantic, but would like to expand beyond that.

I live in CA & minimum wage will be $15.50 next year. My introductory fee (as I build my business) will be $15. If you want it to be exclusive, then it's an extra $5. If you're not on Fiverr, then you may pay through Messenger (on Facebook), PayPal or Stripe. Thanks & please share


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