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Our Creative Portraiture Mission!

Dream Street is a traveling light art portrait photography studio. We offer our unique photo sessions directly to the public from the best photo locations across Europe. Free of charge. Happiness Guaranteed.

We do not charge for what we do. Our main objective is to add value to others and the world by creating emotionally moving light art portraiture. Not to make a profit. For us, providing people with a memorable experience and beautiful portrait images is reward enough.

How do we pay for equipment and travel expenses?

Our supporters show their appreciation by buying us a coffee! Buy Me a Coffee is an easy, secure, and meaningful way for creators to accept donations. Loved by artists, musicians, and writers alike, over 150k creators and millions of their fans are on Buy Me a Coffee. Being funded by people who appreciate their work, not by ads and algorithms.

Would you like to buy Dream Street Portraits a coffee?

We strive to operate our studio and travel between locations as cost-effectively as possible. So a donation of even one coffee goes a long way.

1 x coffee will pay for local transport costs for a day.

2 x coffees will cover our meals for a day.

4 x coffees can usually cover accommodation costs for a night.

10 x coffees get us to a new city. With money to spare!

100 x coffee? We love coffee as much as anyone. But calm down. Although, that would pay for nearly a month of free portrait sessions!

PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, as well as all major Credit Cards are accepted. Funds we raise allows Dream Street to stretch further across the globe while sharing along the way the love of portrait photography. You can learn more about our story on

Creative portraiture for everyone! Sip sip, hooray! 

Dream Street Team  ☾