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I am a Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom Tutor, Digital Artist, and Photo Editor currently living in Los Angeles, CA.  

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~ All that I do for my Photoshop Groups on Facebook
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*The duration of the lesson and the amount of photo editing depends on the amount of your donation.
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Rich Taylor
Rich Taylor bought a coffee.

Thank you so much buddy!

Thanks, Rich! Appreciate it!

John Williams
John Williams bought a coffee.

I bought you another cup. :-)

You're the best! Thanks, John!

John Williams
John Williams bought a coffee.

Say something nice eh? Hmm...okay. Andrew, you have great teeth and hair. I'm not jealous at all. Seriously though. Can I have a blue spotlight, please? Thank you for all you do for the creative community. You challenge and inspire us daily! May you live forever, sir.

Thanks so much, John! Appreciate it!

Sandra Dann
Sandra Dann bought 3 coffees.

Glad I found the groups they are an interactive platform, where you can learn from like minded people :o)

Thanks so much, Sandra!

Colin Smith
Colin Smith bought 5 coffees.

keep up the good work

Thanks so much, Colin! Truly appreciate it!