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Hi all (and Sat Shri Akal),

Bhavneet and Taranjit here! Your 2 favorite sisters (or at least we hope :P )

First of all, thank YOU for wanting to support us and the show. We truly are over the moon excited to bring your along for the ride (driving pun). So hop in the back seat, buckle up, and get ready to drive with us around the world through our extra content. Kick back and enjoy the scenic drive, that may be a little bumpy, but worth all the adventures and memories.

Second, time to be real with you all. This has been difficult for us to gather the courage to share, but we’re doing it because you all should know our story (especially if you made the decision to support us. You should get to know us better). So here goes. Time to be vulnerable…

Breaking the norms of acceptable jobs for two Punjabi (Indian) Girls

We’re two sisters, Bhavneet and Taranjit, and we co-host the Drive with Us Podcast. We were both born and raised in the U.S by immigrant parents from Punjab, India, Being girls in an Indian community, it is often difficult to pursue our passions because there are expectations for Indian girls. What they can and can’t do (and there is a lot that is considered unacceptable). Because if their reputation is tarnished then in Indians’ minds it means their life is ruined and no guy would ever want to marry them, but if a guy did the same thing, it doesn’t matter at all. They are a guy after all.

Anyways, we want to push those boundaries and show the Indian community that it is perfectly okay for 2 Indian girls to podcast and fulfill their dream of doing what they love. We have been waiting for the right moment to share this news with our family and Indian relatives, but have still not told them about our side projects. Yeah. Can you believe it? They have no idea that we have a podcast!

So we need your help! Your support will help us be able to make this show a success so we can bring this proof to the Indian family and relatives (because only proof will help change their minds), and show it is possible to do something non-traditional without tarnishing your reputation. It’s time to stop being controlled by the “rules” and “expectations” of Indian girls.

And so we made the leap (secretly). We both love driving and travel– so we decided to start a podcast around it!

We LOVE driving. In fact, we both have 3-hour roundtrip commutes to and from work DAILY! Crazy, right?

While on the road for long periods of time, we have seen our fair share of crazy drivers on the road (and trust us when we say Maryland has some of the craziest drivers – even our guests confirmed it). So we decided to create a podcast that shares those wild and crazy driving experiences.

We have been blessed to be able to now bring on guests to come share their driving stories and relate to the adventures and peeves of driving. And we hope to continue to push ourselves and grow our show with your wonderful support.

We have been working around the clock (and sacrificed our weekends & evenings) so we can provide you with the best content.

We both work full-time jobs (so we can fund our passion and build/grow our podcast).
And in order to provide you all with the best content, we have sacrificed all our free time to get this done. Because we would not be able to live with ourselves if we put out subpar content. (Might be the perfectionists in us or being raised in an Indian household. We will leave that up to you to decide). Every free second, we have, we do not let it go to waste from finding guests to scheduling them to interviewing them to editing the episodes, to continuing to learn more to grow our community of fellow drivers.

So how will your support help out the DWUP community?

Our dream (and goal) is to get to a point where we can hire some help to reduce some of the stress and take some of the time-consuming tasks off our plate, so we have more room in our brains and time on our hands to plan/create even better content and more of it (i.e. starting our YouTube channel).

Your generous support will help us reach our goal of upgrading our current equipment and production software (right now we are sliding by with low-cost and free options) so we can eventually take the show on the road. Literally.

Since it is just us 2 sisters wearing all the hats to make this podcast possible, your support means the world to us. It continues to motivate us (even on days that we feel like nothing we do is working) to not give up and work harder.

We are super grateful for all of you!

If you enjoy the show, please consider clicking that "become a patron" button and donating. All the donations provided will go directly to supporting the podcast and related projects.
We promise we will make it worthwhile.

Thank you and you are always welcomed to drive with us!

Your 2 favorite chauffeurs – Bhavneet and Taranjit

P.S. Did you know we had a Discord driving community? If you are interested, join our DWUP Discord group and connect with other fellow drivers!

P.S.S Want to reach out to us directly? Email us at [email protected] or visit to subscribe to our newsletter, get the latest episodes, read our blog posts, and much more!
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