I'm making a slight change to the Wednesday classes for the next little while. I'll offer some tips and set some exercises for the first half, then we'll have a break, the I'll shut up and let people draw in peace for the second part.

We will do lots of two minute poses, then a few longer ones - ten or fifteen minutes, then have a break, and when we come back we'll divide up the time and do some longer poses, or have two passes at a single pose. That's the pattern we used to use for Wednesday taught classes back in the real world.

We use Zoom to have the class online, you'll find instructions on using it and the invitation codes etc at

or email [email protected]

--- There are going to be Monday classes as well for a while, and these will be the same as the regular untaught classes.

NOTE: I will still open up the class at before 6 so that people can get a place, and we ask everyone to turn off their cameras (except the model) while we are drawing. However you can turn your camera back on and show off your work at the end- we leave the zoom meeting running for a while afterwards so people can chat and show off their work if they want. Some of us even have a beer.