back soon

We are taking a short break from hosting drawing classes. Elena is still doing her online classes and you can find details on her instagram page: Wednesday and Friday evenings we recommend that people attend Life Drawing Barcelona. can get more information, login codes etc from [email protected] We hope to be back in action... more

May 15

Online class with JYM

Hi there- I have been making suggestions for exercises and giving some tips at the Wednesday classes. Our guest tutor this evening is an artist called Jennifer Bush, who usually teaches at an atelier in Paris. Here website is here and her donations page is the log in details and passwords etc are at... more

May 06

May the Fourth
We have a STAR WARS themed class on Monday May 4th STARS WARS Life Drawing May 4, 2020 6:00 PM Dublin Join Zoom Meeting You should not need a password but if you do it's this one. Meeting ID: 848 7652 2225 Password: 513250


May 01

ZOOM issues

Some people found it difficult to log into the Zoom class this evening. Apparently just clicking on the link worked, but if you tried to enter the password it said it was wrong... but you didn't need a password if you just clicked.. I don't know why this was and I'll look into it, but for Monday perhaps just copy the link from or click through from here: STARS WARS Life DrawingMay 4, 2020 06:00 PM DublinJoin Zoom... more

May 01

Friday May 1st

LIFE DRAWING FRIDAY CLASSTime: May 1, 2020 6:00 PM DublinJoin Zoom Meeting ID: 852 3287 7284Password: 74765Note: We start drawing at 6.45PM the early login just allows time to get set up

May 01

Changes to Wednesday Classes

DetailsI'm making a slight change to the Wednesday classes for the next little while. I'll offer some tips and set some exercises for the first half, then we'll have a break, the I'll shut up and let people draw in peace for the second part. We will do lots of two minute poses, then a few longer ones - ten or fifteen minutes, then have a break, and when we come back we'll divide up the time and do some longer poses, or have two passes at a single pose. That's the... more

Apr 18