Hello and welcome to the Dungeons and Doofuses' Coffee page?

My name is Brandon and I am the DM for the Dungeons and Doofuses podcast. We are a group of three brothers (and their random friend named Jake) who get together once a week (if Jake isn't busy...) to play and record D&D. What started out as something we just thought would be fun turned into a project for us four. 

My hope for this podcast is to bring others a laugh and a little bit of joy. I know from personal experience (my two brothers included) that you never know what life will throw your way and rarely are you prepared. I know that we found solace in a world unlike our own and it brought us relief, even if momentary. It got us to the point where we could stand on our own and I hope to provide that joy to others.

Over time, I hope to update these posts with plans for the future as well as some tidbits about the recording group. Needless to say, we plan to be here to stay!

We've currently got Sessions #006 - #008 fully recorded and near complete in editing. My computer that I used for editing died on me recently (and I'm swapping from Audacity to Adobe Audition). As you can imagine, there could be some delays in getting this content out. Nevertheless, we feel we have something unique to bring to the table and we hope you agree!