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I'm a photographer and content creator showcasing life in Amsterdam and wherever my camera takes me. You can now buy me a coffee as a way to support my work. (And make me ever grateful for adding to my daily caffeine intake )

Let's also use this page to share your suggestions for me on what to photograph in and around my city and write about / share. Do you have a special place in Amsterdam, which you would love to see more images from? Let me know. I'll go out and create member / supporter sets of images that I'll share here or on Instagram / my website.

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Ps. Any suggestions for me? Let me know!

You can email me at Info[at]

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Stuur je me af en toe een Mokum kiekje boss? Ga zo door!

BAAS! Zelfs vd andere kant vd wereld trakteer je mij op koffies :D DM je even je verzoekjes? 🐉 

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We need your content, you need your coffee! 😆

Haha zo lief! 😊 Thank you! You know me to well 😂  The more coffee I get, the more content I'm creating haha 🙈 

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