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I am a freelance photojournalist and itinerant story teller. A life alternative.

I have always been a photographer but in 2003 I quit my job in a professional darkroom, sold my house, gave my possessions to charity and headed to the Middle East.

The invasion of Iraq was underway and I began working on humanitarian projects with Iraqi refugees in Damascus, Syria. I made myself quite at home in the oldest city on earth, I bought an old house and began renovating it.

Then, well, then the war. I managed to survive a couple of years of it until being forced to leave, I gave the keys to the house to a Syrian refugee family and moved to Istanbul with little more than I had ten years previously.

My commercial work helps to fund my personal work, my focus now is on telling stories, the human condition, its resilience and constant ability to surprise with humility and endurance.

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Hi John, I really appreciate your work, your images and your compassion. The tragedy of Syria is almost inconceivable for many and your images and stories help. So much unbelievable pain even among the few Syrians we know.

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I admire your courage and your professionalism.  Happy to put my money where my mouth is.

Liza L Hartman
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Brilliant, valuable, and I am so thankful to for your work.....

Thank you Liza, your words and support mean a great deal :)

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Thank you so much Lauren :)