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A poet and dancer, with a lifelong love of design, fashion and jewelry. Inspiration dances in my head, forms images and I am ready to move with them! I design coastal collections:

Jewelry, accessories and clothing designed by a poet and dancer. Inspired by the sea, coastal living, an active lifestyle and nature. Items designed to balance aesthetic with moveablity. I’ve traveled a lot and appreciate clothing that looks nice, feels good and allows for movement. Collections allow enjoying the beach, sports or work during the day and moving to dancing or dinner by the sea in the evening.

I also plan to give back to nature and inspiration each season with a specially-designed item, where all proceeds benefit an appropriate cause, such as save the seas or coastal cleanup.

The post office lost my portfolio, so I have to start again. Proceeds will also go towards workshops, courses and supplies, and starting the business! If you like my designs and ideas, please consider buying me a coffee, although a mojito would be wonderful, too. Thank you for your support!