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My name is Denise and I'm passionate about embodied remembering, about remembering ourselves as part of the earth and part of each other, and the potency and delight that arises with that remembering.

I work with the body through movement, dance, sound and ceremony, supporting you to  reconnnect with gratitue and joy, to trust yourself and know your power, so we can make a stand for generous love in the world!

Valentine Shambira
Valentine Shambira bought 3 teas.
Iain McConnell
Iain McConnell bought 3 teas.

Thank you for the wonderful evening of mbira music

Someone bought 3 teas.

Will we ever know the mystery guest?!I have also donated directly to Water of HopeThanks for a soulful evening xx

Jo Eccleston
Jo Eccleston bought 10 teas.
Liz and Ianto
Liz and Ianto bought 5 teas.

Thankyou for such a soul ful evening of mbira music and prayers. Love to you as we journey this time. With much gratitude and blessings xxx