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After a number of years running a Facebook group for fragrance lovers without any monetized incentives, (no ads or revenue of any kind), I have been urged by friends that I should do “something“ to generate some sort of income for the time I put into it. I liked the sound of “buy me a coffee” because it’s only small donations and will not put pressure on anyone.  

I’m not really comfortable asking for contributions because this has been my hobby for so long and I do it simply because I love perfume (and writing reviews and doing perfume photography and giving a platform for small brands). Yes, it can be a bit time consuming and since I was hit pretty hard financially because of the coronavirus (like millions of others), I decided to go ahead and create this account due to the insistence of a friend. So, if someone “wants“ to contribute in some way they can, and if not there is absolutely no pressure to do so. 

But if you enjoy Eau My Soul, and want to “buy me a coffee” (how cute lol) then I guess I need to be open to it, even if it makes me highly uncomfortable. 

PLEASE don’t feel any pressure to contribute though. Really, please don’t lol. I’m selling a lot of my perfume collection to help pay the bills and don’t like asking for help. I know everyone else has their own hardships as well so please don’t feel it is necessary to contribute. I will always find a way to get by so no pressure please!! But thank you in advance to anyone who chooses to “buy me a coffee” (but again, please no pressure to do so). 

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John T Biebel
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Samantha Scriven
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If I lived nearer we'd be going out for dinner as well as coffee. EMS is a little bit of sunshine, so coffee is the least I can I do.

Thank you so much, Samantha! This is so sweet of you! I am so touched by the generosity of folks. Please know how much I appreciate this and how very much it means to me. You are so kind to do this. Thank you!! 💕

Someone bought 10 coffees.

Oh my gosh thank you so much!! I didn’t expect anyone to send so much!! I thought just one “coffee” would be more than generous!! Thank you so much for this, I feel overwhelmed by all this kindness. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! ❤️

Eve Mernar Durak
Eve Mernar Durak bought a coffee.