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Hey, I'm glad you like my projects. Thanks for considering supporting me! Every donation will go towards components for new projects so I can keep producing the content you like so much. My website will always stay free for everyone, but my normal income is very small (I have no regular job alas) so any help, however small, is greatly appreciated! Even a single euro will buy me a dual opamp, a potmeter or 100 resistors and will be a great help!


One V/O
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Uitstekend werk zo door!!

Hey dank je voor de support!! Fantastisch! :)

Greg Potter
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You’ve got so much on your site, but the big deal for me is that you’ve taken some yusynth designs and translated them to protoboard, with a parts list.  This was where I struggled.  The Parker-Steiner filter was the first I fell in love with, and now I’m going to build it.  Have a macchiato or 2 on me!

Thank you very much Greg! Contact me if you have any trouble with the build. 

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Great work Eddy! 😋 LG Michael

Thank you so much Michael!! That's just awesome! :D 

André Toscano
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Thanks for all your resources and info.

Thanks for your support my friend! It's helping me a lot!

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