Edit: Now released to the public!

This is an early access for all my supporters. The full three parts will be made public once I have finished all three parts.However, this also means that you can comment and vote before anybody else. ;-)

Hello everybody and welcome to Rowans Speed-Run of Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition Part 3.

Here is a quick recap of the rules of this Speed-Run:

A) All decisions will be Paragon to get as many bonus points in the Charm skill as possible.

B) No talk to anybody but Wrex and Liara unless necessary.

C) No side-quests but Luna Base, Paragon Mission and Wrex Family Armour.

If you have not voted which difficulty level to go with in the main playthrough, please do so in the comment section of part 1.

And if you would like to post arguments for or against romancing either Ash or Kaidan, you can file those in the part 1 comment section, too.

And now have fun with the final part!

Watch the video here: