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The Edgeverse is a complete literary universe where all the stories you see here are happening. The stories stretch from the contemporary world to hundreds of years in the future, but all have a place in the same literary space, existing somewhere inside the ‘Edge’ universe. This website serves as a central hub for the books and stories that make up this literary world.

There is an every growing number of short stories that are all free to read on the site. In addition, we are offering all of our novels completely free to read on our site. You can get them all on our embedded PDF reader whenever you choose, without signing up or giving us any personal information. There is no sign-up involved, no need to enter an email address and no proof of identity required.

The Edgeverse has been created by industry professionals. Our main goal is to produce content of the highest possible quality. Our characters are carefully designed, the stories are painstakingly plotted and our work is rooted in classical storytelling and involves deeply-rooted themes and concepts.

As well as our books and stories, there are a series of articles to help new writers to master their craft. We also offer a completely free book about how to create and develop a high-quality piece of literary fiction.