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If you are interested in getting one of my tabs please "buy me a coffee" and let me know the name of the specific tab you want. I'll send the tab to your email address (Only one tab per coffee)
IMPORTANT: You will get a .rar file with a .gp (Guitar Pro) and a .pdf file in it. Make sure you have the programs to open these files before you purchase any of my tabs! Also make sure you check your spam folders in case you don't see the tab yet, I will send it as soon as I can. You can also get ALL my tabs by joining my Patreon page!
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Tabs Available:
- Aquatic Ambience
- Bayou Boogie
- Stickerbush Symphony
- Hot Head Bop
- Chill Penguin
- Gurenge
- Infinity Mijinion
- Dracula's Castle
- Dango Daikazoku
- Promise (Reprise)
- Goldenrod City
- Bloody Tears
- Wombat Astronaut (Beyond the Burrow)
- Yuuzora No Kamihikou
- Launch Octopus
- Freak On A Leash
- Lost Painting
- Cannon Ball
- Asgore
- Forest Interlude
- Sharon's Poem