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Writer - Content Developer - Mom

Hello everyone. 

I'm Eligreg, I've been a writer/content developer for some time now. I work for an e-commerce brand and I do everything around Marketing. 

I'm from Venezuela. My country is going through a very rough crisis and professional development has been uphill. Now I'm in Colombia, running away from doom but haven't been able to secure a legal status given the lack of passports issued by the State. 

But my computer just broke... I can't work legally in Colombia and I have a 3 yo kid to take care of. Online work is my main salvation. 

Here's my link for buying a "coffee": Donations that will be use to any need that will come in my life, right now it's trying to repair my computer to keep working. 

Thank you for reading! 

May 24, 2019

Thank you so much to everyone who has chipped in! I'm getting closer to my $250 goal. 

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Isaac Echeverri Sánchez bought Eligreg López Piña 3 coffees.

Hola Eligreg Isaac Echeverri SEO de Wikpis, me gusta tu iniciativa y espero tengas más tiempo para terminar tu sitio web . 

Muchísimas gracias, Cate!!!

Muchísimas gracias, Cate!!!

Maria bought Eligreg López Piña 3 coffees.

Mucho éxito, todo va a salir bien!! Fuerza ☺️ 

Gracias, María!! Un abrazo enorme!!

Gracias, María!! Un abrazo enorme!!

Someone bought Eligreg López Piña a coffee.
Someone bought Eligreg López Piña 5 coffees.