You've heard it before, "I've ALWAYS loveddddd animals!" Well, I'm here to tell you that's a big, fat lie.... Animals have always been a huge part of my life, sure, have I always loved Sometimes they shit on you, sometimes they bite you, sometimes they tear up your moms very expensive rugs, but if you're lucky enough sometimes they shake you to your very core, because behind the eyes of an animal is a very primal brain not saturated in money, materials, relationships, agendas, to-do lists and all the stuff that consumes our race every second of every day. So, what is it that makes me love animals? It's the ability to understand another being and be understood if you're willing to be open. This has definitely not always been the case for me. Now at 26 I have worked with animals in a myriad of ways. From farm life, to wildlife rehab, to veterinary medicine, to rescue, to competition, and now rehabilitation and training. So, I'm going to touch on most things.

It's a wild, vulgar, violent ride. If you're choosing to ride this train--please wear your seatbelts, and good luck!