Sep 24, 2022

Is it ethical to judge other cultures practices?

Argue whether this practice should be judged (as wrong) or tolerated, providing reasons for your conclusion (specific example given is Female Genital Mutilation).  Tolerance of something, to my way of thinking, is to accept the discomfort from/ wrongness of/ to suffer something that is not necessary. To tolerate means to allow, not to be glad about or to enjoy. I teach that tolerance is a sin against the self, one should not be someplace where they have to tolerate anything. I... more

Jan 29, 2022

Anxiety Podcast Assignment

            1.          The podcast I listened to was number 790: Anxiety and Your Stomach Issues. It spoke to a subject that is near and not dear to me, Anxiety, Flight or Fight response, and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). I have IBS, I have suspected for years that it was a question of my Complex PTSD having an effect on my body that still affects me... more

Jan 20, 2022


How did the experiment go?            The idea of spending time away from language is not a new one to me. It is the actual goal of my meditation practice. As it stands, today when I made a point to attempt to “log” my experience, I found myself in much the same position I usually do when I meditate. So let me start by telling you that the point, for me, in practicing meditation, is to... more

Jan 18, 2022

Theory Discussion

          First off let me state clearly, all the theories (paradigms) are important and useful. Different things have different meanings to different people. Some people's issues are purely chemical or otherwise physiological, while other people may have learned negative or harmful things as children, and many will require nutritional or chemical help as well as aid and opportunity to relearn things that harm ourselves. I feel that starting by... more

Jan 18, 2022

Theories of Abnormal Behavior

1. Describe what each model emphasizes as being important to study when understanding abnormal behavior. Be sure to use full sentences in your answers and always be descriptive and thorough. Biological : The Biological model emphasizes the physical aspects of psychology such as brain anatomy, chemical imbalance, genetics, biological evolution, and the links between viral infection and psychological disorders. The biological model attempts to find a physical cause for... more

Jan 14, 2022

The Madness of the Film “Madness”

            After watching the movie “Madness” all I felt was a bit ill. Humans have treated each other monstrously for thousands of years. It seems like it has been since we realized we were an “I”, but we have most certainly done so for as long as we have been living together in “civilization(s)”. As the film opens, we learn how madness was something to be... more

Week 7: Virtue Ethics
Assignment #1 – The Nature of Philosophy
Week 2: Knowledge & Skepticism
Psychology e2: Chapter 2
Week 3: Determinism versus Free Will
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