Anyone aware that the human race is controlled by the loop, as I like to call it, saw inflation with high unemployment rates as the next event to take center stage. Even with that knowing it is crazy when you allow yourself to take a look back at where you were 30 years ago, and what major events triggered that era's stresser known as inflation while keeping people spun up emotionally. To those that are in my age range of Thirties to late Forties, this look back might allow to you better understand your parents positions and mindsets while trying to raise us to their own interal standards while still trying to measure up in societies eyes and still trying to keep it all in balance while cost is rising with every breath, and something new to fear daily. Sound familiar, yes we all in the ages mentioned above are now offically your parents. We are living our adult era never ending squeeze, courtesy of our governments.

Once you realize the system is setup on a loop everything else that follows allows you to stick to the facts and let emotional response be few if any. Everyday during the never ending squeeze, MSM's main goal is to always start the day high and emotionally. Think about it, it makes sense why our parents seemed crazy when we were young..they were...and so are we as adults now, dealing with our own generation's "War".

It always starts with a war on something. Drugs, some other country's business that we somehow justifying our way right into, or my favorite a major outbreak. Don't believe me let's take a look at what was going on Thirty years ago, 1991 and the year 1986 leading up to it. The ripples if you will that lead to the never ending squeeze our parents lived through and we did as well, not even fully aware of what was going on, but knew in our young minds something wasn't quite right.

Let us start with the year 1986: Everything I am about to list you can find information on if you take the time to go seek it out.

  • Tax reform legislation USA

  • Mad Cow Disease hit UK Cattle which sparked a major reform in farming practices.

  • Iran Contra Affair becomes very public

  • USA Bombs Libya

  • Space Shuttle Challenger explodes on live TV

  • Human Genome Project launched

  • Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station Explodes, Europe goes radioactive across much of it.

Let these numbers sink in for a moment. Life and people stressed with the rising cost. So let's look at what those cost actually were during that time.

In comparison to today's cost it doesn't seem near as trivial as what we are currently facing. But it was for their time. Once you allow yourself to see where they had come from and had been brought to,then you realize each generation will cost more than the one before it. It is inevitable with the way the loop is setup. Now let's see what they gave us in 1991 to deal with while cost were still on the move, and not in the favor of the people.

  • Operation Desert Storm

  • University of Iowa Mass Shooting

  • Cyclone in Bangladesh kills 200k

  • Jeffrey Dahmer Arrested

  • Balkan War Starts

  • Robert Maxwell, publishing tycoon found dead floating in the sea

  • Fire's in the hills of Oakland, California

  • Dead Sea Scrolls unveiled

  • Freddie Mercury dies after long battle with AIDS

  • Rodney King

  • Seventy tornadoes sweep through central United States, 17 killed

  • 7.0 Earthquake in Northern Italy 2k dead

I know that's a lot kind of like 2021. Trust me there are way more things from both years that are of interest, but I had to pick the top one's for me. What were things costing at this point in time, keep in mind if you are in your Thirties you were just born or as old as nine years of age.

Well would you look at that, our parents events are almost titled like ours. There's police brutality, mixed with some War and insane weather, oh and don't forget we caught a guy to make you feel safer while reminding you there is a real problem still known as AIDS. The things you remember when you sit and let the past wash over you for a moment. When you know your history it is a little easier to move through the next level of our generations real life Hunger Games.

Breathe, the ride is almost out of all the back to back twist and turns. There is a plateau coming. And always remember yes our numbers are much higher it feels...but they made it and so will we, if we can adjust how we choose to respond while going through our generations squeeze.

There is one way to mass exit the ride...but everyone has to do it at the same time. Dont vote. If we collectively quit indulging them wonder what would happen. I bet they would somehow still have winners. It would also fully break the problem down at its root, the core of the problem. That's the only way to actually begin on a path to a true fixing.🧏🏽‍♀️

Erica Parrótt/These Are The Times

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