Eluminate is now based out of Philly!!! But still can be heard every week on WCRO.NET/ELUMINATE Saturday nights 6-8p ET

Everyone wants to know why I moved, welp you all know I'm not shy and on March 13th I came back from 2 weeks off with a new fire and lots of rest.

Thank you for your contiuned support and thank you for helping us reach our antenna fund goal!

This week: Tony J stops in with some "Common Man" theories and you know I always have something cued up to rock your earpiece.

This week's music picks are as follows

Perry Mason, Ozzy Osbourne

Head Like A Hole, NIN

Freak On a Leash, Korn

Never Gonna Stop, Rob Zombie

Hey Man Nice Shot, Filter

Eluminate airs weekly, Saturdays 6-8p ET on wcro.net/eluminate