This wonky weather we have been having, while much of the world should be seeing cold temps and snow, many have been wondering..Is my regions weather bobbing about in an container off the L.A. Coast waiting to be unloaded along with food, treadmills, and other christmas gifts?🤔🤔

It really has been a strange year from every side of life and the weather is now taking the center stage for strangeness. Hawaii is currently sitting under a Blizzard Warning that will remain in effect for the next 2 days. They are calling for around 12 inches or more to make contact with the islands.

If you think that is crazy just wait until you read this. Four days ago Denver hit 222 straight days without snow! It is only days away from surpassing the 2nd and 3rd longest consecutive streaks of its history. You can get an overview of stats here for more on Denver:

And I even had a nice weather birthday treat despite now being located in the north. Sixty degrees, sunny with a nice breeze is what I was met with only three days ago. The weather here has been mild in comparasion to what it normally is this time of year. Philadelphia had its driest November in 45 years this year. Honestly it has been weird as f*** this entire year here, but you know it must be that Climate Change delivering all of this wonky madness. Or could it be HAARP? Is it the strong pull of the moon's crazy? Whatever the case there's nothing to see here...LOL ( There is plenty to see here and for more on philly's weather: )

Where is all the snow? Well it appears to be going to Hawaii, so grab your popcorn as we wait this weather watch out and see who truly becomes the lucky winner of snow first.

Erica Parrótt/Eluminate

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