When you start doing root work it helps to gain an understanding of how free you allow your thoughts to be in your natural state...the state I like to call your default.

Default deals with our subconscious being. Trying to get your thoughts, words and actions to pivot without locking into the subconscious results in the moment you find yourself doing that thing you said you weren't going to do anymore. Don't beat yourself up, many dive in with great intentions but not realizing this one major key component.

So many people try New Years resoulutions and find by mid-January they have already fallen off course. That is because you cannot enact a real change without tapping into the subconscious, and replacing it with new patterns. If you go into a change with your same deep seeded patterns that are locked away in the subconscious, it is the equivalent of planting fresh flowers amongst high weeds. Do you think fresh new bulbs will have a fighting chance in a field of high, overgrown years worth of weeds?

The weeds represents what you have allowed yourself to think, do and truly hold as a belief. Where you naturally operate from. Our actions are simply our thoughts we have manifested in the material. So if you keep affirming abundance but cannot actually allow your thoughts to start residing on that level, do you think your actions will be the ones needed to make sure you attain it?

Lets gauge where you are. You do not have to share the results this test is solely for your knowledge, so that you can better find your way on your journeys. There are no wrong answers.

Imagine you are driving in your warm car on a 32° day. Out of nowhere a person pulls up next to you riding a moped. Bundled up and venturing about. What are your first 3 thoughts?

If you thought along the lines of,

"This person is crazy."

"Nothing is that important to travel this way in the cold?"

"I would never."

Welcome to you thinking from your perspective alone. This line of thoughts is from personal feelings, expressions based off you. Not necessarily right or wrong but no room for anything beyond you and what you perceive as comfortable or normal. You have some growing to do...for your own betterment.

If you thought along the lines,

"Now that's a level of commitment I'm trying to understand."

"Nothing is going to stop them."

"Wonder what their secret is to staying warm in this wind?."

Welcome to thinking beyond what you can conceive. If you fall here in thoughts, congratulations, you allow yourself to think about things beyond what you currently feel or know. Keep up the good work.

No matter which category you fell into I encourage you to continue to expand your mind and hearts. Even the most objective thinker can use reminding to keep expanding.

People ask all the time what's the difference between Elon's and the rest? Elon's let their mind go where you never dare allow yours to even tread. #foodforthought

You will never truly know what you are capable of until you try.

Erica Parrótt/Eluminate/These Are The Times



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