Friend: How long did it take you to replace your window?

Me: 55 minutes total (that was research and actual replacement)

So two weeks ago, my love and I decided to hang with some friends and do some green things. We had all made a plan to go fishing once their work day concluded. Little did we know, that same day someone else had plans of their own.

If you follow my Facebook you saw my post from the other evening.

Which is what prompted this blog. Once I posted my mishap and my fix, my inbox got a few hits asking me how hard the replacement was and how much in all did I save.

What better way to answer these questions than to do a blog was my next thought.

Glass is a delicate object and anything hitting it in the correct way can cause it to shatter into pieces. Even a thief can cause you to find yourself needing to replace a window. I'll keep this a short and to the point as possible. Here is what I did from start to finish once we learned we had been vandalized.

  • Call the Police-you cannot dispute anything if you do not have a report. Make a full report of EVERYTHING THAT IS MISSING. For example; My ID as well as Joey's ID was stolen. They each are listed on the report. Now should anything occur it won't take much for us to say "No, that was not I."

  • DO NOT FILE AN INSURANCE CLAIM-unless you want to pay your deductible. (My deductible is 1k. Safelite would install for $400 if I chose to pay out of pocket instead of deal with insurance.)

  • Do a google search for your car model window that is missing (FYI I found mine on for $85. And got to use the pay in 4 method through Paypal so I am only out $22 so far and my new window is already in.)

  • YOUTUBE your car model and how to remove the door panel.(5 minutes of my time.) Thankfully mine is 3 screws and out. Then the window mount screws 2 and the 2 front track screws to allow for an easier guiding in of the glass.

  • Phoned a friend who had done this before to get a few more pointers.(5 minutes of my time.)

  • Window came in and arrived 2 days before promised!! It took Joey and I 45 minutes (not counting the 7 minutes of having to retreat to seperate corners because we were both nervous and it was hot af outside while doing this and we didn't want to take it out on one another.)

Pointers that you might not find by watching youtube:

  • Make sure ALL the broken glass is out of the tracks. Take a flat headscrew driver and run it back and forth many times. If you leave broken glass in there, IT WILL break your new glass when you roll your window up.

  • Pay attention to how your rods go into your doors and how your circuitry is connected. You will have to put them back.

  • You will be working through the metal. Make sure your motor position for your window is below the halfway point.

  • It will be a 2 person job. Someone will need to guide the glass in from the top; and remember there are 2 tracks your window uses. Put THE NOSE OF THE glass in the front track FIRST.

  • DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN the bolts that hold your glass in. They only need to be hand tight.

  • no drills needed.

  • Screwdriver, panel popper(or flathead), and most likely a socket is all you will need.

Here's to hoping you never need this information. But should you find yourself in this pickle I hope this helps.

Erica Parrótt/Eluminate/These Are The Times

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