OMG, we made it! Yes, today our dear planet Mercury ends its chaotic backspin!

Mercury has been in reverse cowgirl since May 10th, and it has had us all in an upheaval in our communication, technology, and travel. Honestly, anything that could be misinterrpurted has been during these past few weeks. Never fear, Saturn is bringing up the rear with a backspin of its own, beginning June 4th and lasting until October 22, 2022. While the chaos coming at us will wind down a bit, there will still be much to contend with, from within.

As a Sagittarius whose life is aligned with an Aries, I cannot shout enough about Mercury returning to forward! See, I should have felt this backspin just like we all did, but in a more gradual sense. Having an Aries as a lifemate, well that only added more fuel to the tank and really had me feeling these astrological moments in quick succession.

Retrogrades are always an interesting time, and depending on where your planets fall, which you learn by studying your birth chart, you can gauge how intense or how gradual these moments may be for you when they do arise. Backspin is considered to be more about inner than external. If you remember from my earlier blog when Mercury was gearing up, I said, "Don't take things personally during this backspin, though it will be easy to do." These past few weeks held the perfect time to practice patience, endurance, going with the flow. If you found your way to grounded admist the chaos over these past few weeks easily, congratulations. If you stumbled a bit like myself, hopefully you also found your pivot and release. If not, no fear Saturn is hear calling you to a time of Self Awarness, which will last from June 4th until October 22nd.

To understand how a planets backspin may affect you, it helps to understand what it represents and how it may show up in your life when in forward motion. Mercury is the planet that rules our communication, memory, intellect and modes of transportaion. It also is linked to our nervous system, so it is no wonder that when it has big events going on, we feel it across our entire life in some way.

I feel it important to metion, Pluto's retrograde will not come to an end until October 8th, so if you feel a gradual whisper or even a loud presence over these next few months to dig deep into this question; "WHY DO I DO WHAT I DO?" Don't shy away, allow yourself to dive in and explore it. Pluto at its core is about death, rebirth, and regeneration. When it is in backspin the focus is shifted to bring light to inner shadows that need work. Its more about the deep rooted emotional, psychological, and toixc patterns that need healed. Its reality check time when Pluto is reversed. What self-destructive or negative behaviors, patterns, or beliefs must go for you to grow? Don't worry I mentioned this because Saturn, our planet of boundaries, limitations and commitment, going reversed, only makes these areas shine even brighter for each of us during the coming months.

Those under sun signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will feel Pluto's backspin with the most intensity.

(LOL I have felt it a lot beacuse of my partner. I love watching what connections spark. His inner work has brought out things no one else could that I needed to release from within myself. This accelerated process to healing past wounds has me in awe every day.)

Things trigger us so that we can address them in a way that changes our next move forward. Which is why it is very important to not take things emotionally personal. That blocks everyone's growth, and yours more than anyone elses. If we will sit with the things that trigger our emotions, and allow ourself to go past what is felt, that is where true healing and understanding will be found.

When I think of Saturn, I see my grandmother, Emma. Why? Because she was a strict parent and always there to remind me where I had some growing up to do. She was always assisting me in looking into my foundations. Why was I doing what I did? To me, she was the essence of structure, and nurturing. It's ironic because she was an Aquarius and when Saturn enters backspin tomorrow, it will be under the influence of Aquarius. And much like Saturn, she was always spotlighting areas that I needed to put my nose to the grindstone in order to reach my goals. You can expect to encounter much of the same in the coming months, as this energy is heavy around us.

During these coming months do not be surprised if you feel pushed to think about your foundations that are in place and why you have set them. Do not be surprised if you find yourself doing some inner remodeling during this time. Trust me, if you allow yourself to honestly show up and do your inner work when it is brought to your attention, by fall you will be a beacon of empowerment and writing those life chapters you were once only dreaming of.

Many of you will find these next few months your truest months of gratitude. This time may lend to you really celebrating how far you have come. Saturn's retrograde is the perfect time to get real with yourself. And with Pluto in backspin to assist in this matter, it should be a breeze.

Those under sun signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius will feel this more than others. Saturn's effects tend to build over time, which are not like Mercury's effects which can take course in a single dramatic event. Let yourself flow through this summer rather than try to control your way through.

Yes, work of any kind can be daunting, but this isn't a test. Most of what you will encounter will simply require you to revisit territory you are already familiar with. If you feel like you've done this before, chances are you have. When you meet these moments, what will you do differently so that you can excel your life and growth?

The cosmos are showing up and opening every door for you to walk into that life you know you want and deserve. The only question that remains is, will you show up and meet them by doing the work that is required on yourself? Will you engage your keys and fully unlock your life?

A reminder and insight on this past Mercury experience from one of my favorite lights on IG @TarotReaderPeter

On June 14, 2022 we will be greeted with a Super Full Moon in Sagittarius. Doors keep opening for big personal breakthroughs! This makes me soooooo happy, because I have already bared witness to many amazing life pivots. These astrological torques keep me giddy for what is to come! How about you?

For depth into Mercury, Pluto and Saturn's traits:,put%20them%20back%20together%20again.,of%20growing%20up%20to%20do.

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