Wouldn't it be great if everything synced up in a peaceful way 100% of the time? Of course it would. But that is not reality and even when you are met with an opposing energy, knowing your full makeup and the makeup of what's meeting you, will lend to a smoother journey. Even though it may be one of challenge, the challenge can be met honestly without all the extra emotional woes hanging around. Knowing the Moon's phases and what they mean for you unlocks a world of supercharing, in my opinion! The moon influences so much in our world in all ways.

If you have spent any amount of time on this site with me, you know that I seldom miss blogging about the major moon transitions. Why? Because the moon rules it all. It holds answers for every being on this beautiful planet. It also holds influence over mood, emotions, and is the essences of your truest self when you feel most safe. While there are many layers to the Moon, today I want use to take a look at the phases in which the moon passes through.

Sixteen years ago, when I really began to dive into astrology, that was when I came to learn we all have specific astrologic influences and it goes far deeper than the one birth sign you hear of. What are they? They are your Sun sign, Moon sign, and your Ascendant Sign.

Sun Sign

Your sun sign is the sign most every human knows of and can tell you theirs off the cuff, atleast by name even if no other depth is known. While your sun sign holds many clues to your being and provides you a peek into how, or what you might do, it is your second sign that really drops the veil and reveals that which you are when you feel your safest. Your true self if you will. This is the you that emerges when no one is looking or when you're around those you feel the most secure with.

For those just jumping into astrology, I always like to remind you, seek past what you already know. What you already know, everyone with google knows, there is more to you than that. If you have been feeling a tug to expand your knowledge in astrology please keep reading. You didn't come across this blog by accident.

Moon Sign

The moon is closely associated with the moods and emotions of it all. It also holds the connection and many anwers to present traumas stemming from childhood, and the moon is said to be associated/represented as Mother.

The moon also controls our waters and tides. As it cycles through its phases, so do we. Often times your phase will be in a clashing setting, but the divine knew this and everything you need to maintain your balance during the clashing lineups, you were given at birth. The trick is learning how to engage what your soul already knows in a conscious way.

Knowing what phase the moon is in aids you in understanding what energy is present, and how you can work with that energy for your best outcomes. By the way, the moon passes through eight phases. You hear people say all the time, "Oh the full moon has things wild." There is much truth to that, especially since the moon rules over emotions. Knowing when these wilds are in play in the outer world, aids greatly in getting one's inner world extra grounded. Some phases are perfect for reflection, while others are the perfect time to take action. When you know which one is in, you can really boost your plans, projects, relationships, and spiritual work into high gear.

Once you understand what is going on within you, you can better understand how to navigate what is going on around you and do it like a rockstar! Learning about your moon sign and what house your moon resides in, will give you so much insight into why you do what you do. And why you may feel resistence about things that you shouldn't.

Even when you are not fully conscious of your actions (acting out of habit or rotuine); every time you go against your beings make-up, your body logs it. And the things your soul wants you to weed out will continue to come up in a nagging way until you allow the time and space to sift through the whys, and find the lesson and shed the negative emotions.

You might have felt a strong nudge to take time for yourself to reflect and then brushed it off, or told yourself how you don't have time because of X, Y, and Z. But, I bet if you gave me the date of your feeling at its strongest nudge, it most likely came on during the moon phase right before that times New Moon. Why would I say such a thing? Because that is a reflection time. The energy is right for it and anything your soul was preparing you to reflect on, it will scream the loudest during reflection phases of the moon.

Your third sign is my favorite. Your ascendant or better known as your rising sign.

Ascendant (rising) Sign

This sign tells about your mask. The you that the world sees. What are you showing everyone? Is it what you think they want to see? Or is your mask your authentic you in all situations?

While I could talk about this sign for days, that is not why we are here. For more on ascendant sign here is a great piece to get you on your way: https://www.more.com/lifestyle/zodiac/what-does-your-moon-sign-and-rising-sign-mean/

Every thing has an astrological chart. If you are unfamiliar with what an astrological chart is I encourge you to start your journey here: https://www.allure.com/story/astrology-birth-chart-reading

Once you understand what rules a planet, the sun, and the moon you can better understand how your part can be played. Right now we sit with Mercury Retrograde in full effect, and a full moon with a Lunar Eclipse on the rise for Monday. Over the past few weeks, many began feeling resistence in communication. Maybe someone heard you wrong, or you took something the wrong way that on any another day you might not have paid any mind to. You still don't fully understand why that even happened. Mercury gearing up for its backspin and then moving into full backspin I'm most sure aided the miscommunication.

Understanding astrological position, allows you to move through these uncomfortable moments with more confidence and assurance because all that is needed is minor adjustments in apporach more times than not.

What Rules the Moon?

Astrology, numerology and tarot are linked fully. To gain understanding of one you should also seek understanding of the others. This is why I always include what astrology influence is present when I do my readings in person or online.

Numerology and Tarot of The Moon

Without going to far in, the Moon in tarot is represented by the number 18. This means it also holds the energy of the root number 9. (1+8=9)

9 holds the energy of EVERY number, which is why those with a life path of 9 often feel an overwhelming sense of all emotions. 9 is also closely associated with wisdom, romance, confidance, aloofness, and ideals.

Astrology of the Moon

The moon is ruled by the sign of Pisces which makes its element Water. Why does the moon control our tides? It was designed that way from the start. Even though Pisces is the ruler of the moon, as the moon tranistions through its lunar cycle, which is approximately 29.5 days, every 2-3 days, the moon will come under the influence of one of the 12 astrological signs. This means that even though the moon will always hold true to its Pisces nature and energy, it will always have another sign adding to the energy it cast as it moves through its lunar cycle.

If you follow me on @thesearthetimes_ep on Instagram, you saw before my break, that I would post about the moon being in a certain sign, and what that could mean you may feel in the energy around you. I also know it added a level of anxiety for some because they were not aware of these occourences or how to truly lock into to them. That is why this blog was born.

As you can see from the picture (below) of the tarot card, The Moon in its fullness is illuminating the lake. There are two wolves on either side hollowing up to its beauty. One black, and one white. It is a reminder that there will always be two paths, or multiple choices. Discernment in choosing which path is what feels hard often times.

The Moon being in between the two is a symbol of intuition. But intuition only aids in a positive way when it is nurtured and dispensed with wisdom. The moon is illusive allowing you to see what could be, or a reflection of what is.

Intuition is as complex as is the moon. Yet, when intuition is understood and used wisely, it illuminates the darkest of places, just as the moon illumaties the darkest of paths when everything is aligned just right to allow its light to shine fully. It is in the times when the light is not so bright that it gets hard as a human to trust. It is also in these times we are to rely on our truest knowings, intuition, to guide and light the way. But if you haven't been nurturing your intution to work in this way, when those moments come that clash it gets hard to distinguish which way to go. Often times leaving feelings of confusion that can lead to anxiety.

So you may feel like the picture at times, surrouned by thoughts, water, in a peaceful reflective way. Or you may feel surrounded in a drowning way. If you feel overwhelmed this is a great sign to take that time you have been needing and reflect on some things, then release that which is not needed for your life.

Most of all The moon reminds use to take time to reflect and to connect so that you can make moves with full confidence.

Here is a quick reference to the Moon Tarot Card for your keeping.

To learn more about the traits of Pisces begin your journey here: https://www.britannica.com/place/Pisces

While you look into any sign traits, keep in mind that NOTHING is a strength or a weakness until it is made so. You choose how to use what you have. If you come to find that you dislike how you use a trait that is yours, its time to introspect on it. Why? Because you need to figure out how you can flip it for your light. To deny any part of your being means to live a half measured life. Everything has an opposite, introspection will allow you to find yours.

The 8 Phases of the Moon

Even though the full moon is usually the popular one in conversations, there are actually 8 phases and each are equally important. In a lunar month the moon undergoes four primary and four intermediate phases.

Depsite the popularity of the Full moon, the New moon is acutally the start of the moon's phase. Each phase has a focus, and when you align your focus with the energy that is ruling at the moment, you literally supercharge your prayers/affirmations, reflection, shedding, manifestations, and the list goes on.

Again, this topic could last for days and never repeat. We could dive into the orientation and position in space and what that correposends with and a whole host of other aspects. But I'm going to keep it light for the sake of this blog and focus on what you can do with these phases while working to manifest your life path and grow spiritually. And how you may be able to better nagivate the day's energies without planting weeds among your wheat.

So what are the 8 phases?

  • New Moon

  • Waxing Crescent

  • First Quarter

  • Waxing Gibbous

  • Full Moon

  • Waning Gibbous

  • Third Quarter

  • Waning Crescent

The moon's primary phases happen at specific moments in time. The phases in between those moments are what we know as intermediate phases. (Waxing & Waning)

NEW MOON (Primary): Just like its name, its energy is all about starts. Its a time to gather your thoughts in a productive way. When you are setting goals and making plans to work towards those goals, doing this during the new moon phase will greatly aid you in your endeavors.

Though its illumination is usually 0% the energy is still there. This is a great time to make your moon waters that you plan to use. I mean you are already setting intentions, so why not charge some of that into the waters you will use for rituals, teas, etc. It doesn't hurt to recharge your crystals during the peak night of the New Moon either. Everything needs a clean slate from time to time, including your crystals that you carry daily or use in your rituals.

New moon's in my opinion are more of an action time. Don't get me wrong, you still need to be doing your self work inwardly, but during this time you are more likely to be making plans, putting things into motion, and learning new things in high rates. Focus may begin to shift towards fully being tuned into what you are planning to create.

This is a time about becoming aware of what you plan to achieve and what it will take from you to meet the universe in what you are asking for so that it can become a sustainable reality. This may be a time that you find yourself stopping one thing all together so that another can start.

As the moon transitions towards its fullness it will pass through 3 other phases, which also hold specific energy centered around progression. Waxing moons aid in achieving and moving towards your big-picture goals. So if you ever miss the peak of the New Moon for setting your intentions, remember you still have time in the days that follow to take that time to lock in a do so.

This is a great time to make sure you really have looked at all sides of your choices that are present. Not in a good or bad way, simply in a way that you know either could become a reality. Make the proper notes on where you might encounter unknowns, make a round-about plan should those arise, and prepare to really make that move. Many do not actually set their intentions until the Waxing Crescent Moon.

Waxing Crescent Moon (I.P): You've thought about where you want to be, or what you want to do. You are fully committed in mindset and have thought through what needs to happen first. Intentions are only as good as the action that follows.

First Quarter Moon (Primary): Ready, set, were the first 2 phases, so it is only natural that this one is GO! The moon itself is around 50% illumination. That's plenty of light to take that first step with.

Take that intention by the horns and set sail. This is when you get to really know your strengths. We do not know what we are truly capable of until we allow our being to be challenged, and meet that challenge with the knowing that this obstacle is not forever and it is teaching you, growing you and vital for your blessings to come forth and for you to understand how to sustain it once it is present.

Waxing Gibbous Moon(I.P.): Align your inner world and your outer will follow. This moon gets everything positioned to be in full view or full harvest! During this time it is a good idea to pay extra attention to what is going on around you. Do you like what you see, feel, hear? If not, what about your inner world is attracting these situations that is manifesting in your outerworld?

Much like a farmer nurtures the seeds they planted, this is what we each should be doing with the things we create. Our relationships, what is getting our time and attention, all of these things either aid in our harmonious balance or take from it. It becomes difficult to truly nurture your home, childern, soul, or projects when you are out of balance. This phase aids in your sifting out the bull and maintaining your balance so that your harvest can come to furuation.

FULL MOON (Primary Phase): When the moon goes full we all know it. The light is bright and it is a beautiful sight to behold. Nothing can hide when the moon is full. Not even your emotions sometimes. It is also a time that is closely associated with gratitude. Why? Who isn't thankful for light? The lighting of the path which makes the journey less bumpy, one can't help but be thankful. It's energy is perfect for breaking off habits to aid in getting you ready for your next chapter's undertaking. It is a great time to really take that extra inward time and connect with your intuition as well.

This is why supercharing the locking in of your balance during the waxing gibbous is very important. Especially when your moon sign is going to be in position to clash with the cosmos.

Full moons bring in harvest! Often times short-term goals will find themselves paying off during these days. Long-term gains are allowing your big picture view to remain intact as well, which can have your emotions amped because of excitement.

(Journaling can bring you much insight. It is good to pay attention to how you feel throughout the month, and then go back and see what was going on in the cosmos during those times. It is also a great way to strengthen your intuition.)

Full moons are also a great time to cleanse and for lack of better words, pull weeds from your garden. As you collect your rewards, don't forget to shed that which could kill what is still growing, and give thanks for all you have received and the fruits still growing.

If you do rituals/spells this is a great time to make moon waters that surround protection, strength, banishing, and overall cleansing for you to use in your practice.

No matter how long you life in this experience, you will always work in a cycle of attract, receive, shed. We pick up energy unknowingly from everywhere, so just as you wash your clothes, you must wash (balance) your energy. And let go of any bad juju that you may have come in contact with you. It is a time of recharge because just like farming, harvest comes at different times for different seeds. And you may still be nurturing something that has yet to fully harvest.

Adaquate self-care will keep you on your game and allow you to get everything done that you desire and need to accomplish. It also allows you to enjoy your downtime guilt free because you know all your work time has been spent wisely, things are moving and growing so a little break for fun is never a bad reward.

Once the full moon has come we head towards the final phases of the moon, its waning phases. Still we have a mix of primary and intermediate phases as it cycles through the remaining 3 of 8, but this time the focus is really being called to home of your self, your self-care is being supercharged. Take these days and use them to really recharge your being so that your energy is at its peak for your using to manifest your life.

Waning Gibbous Moon(I.P.):Reflect on all that has come with full gratitude. Where were you? What have you accomplished thus far? How does it feel? What is still being nurtured and how can you expand your patience while it grows?

Third Quarter (Half)Moon(Primary):LET IT GO! Is it simply hanging around because it's always been there? Or because you weren't even fully aware until now that it existed in this negative way for you? LET IT GO. If it has a negative impact on your life, get rid of it.

Even if Aunt Sally, whom you love dearly, taught you how to use that in a certain way; if it hasn't been serving you positively, then figure out how to flip it for your good, or shed it for your good.

Waning Crescent(I.P.): Last but not even close to being the least is the waning cresent phase. As we now are thrust back into real darkness and the moon's illumination can range from 50%-0.1%, its the perfect time to relax. You've done the work of pulling weeds. You've been reaping many rewards, and now its time to embrace all that good you planted that is about to come busting forth into your life. So relax, reflect, and remain still as you recharge so that you aren't too tired to enjoy your life!

I hope this blog allowed you an insight that opens your life up in the way you have been seeking out.

I know all these phases can make your head spin when you first start your journey and start opening yourself up, but know, everyone is a novice again and again. You are never alone, and with consistent self-work, you will find yourself moving from novice into expert mode with ease and speed.

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