Heading to ZERO HOUR

_Russian-Led Alliance Begins Withdrawing Troops From Kazakhstan

_China tries to tone down war talk as military tells Taiwan to 'Surrender now'

_Denmark hit by (another) spying scandal

_A former CIA advisor just issued a startling warning about civil war in the United States

_Israel arrests four women for providing intelligence to Iran

_Tucker Carlson: Why Won't The FBI Deny That Any FBI Agents Or Informants Were Involved In…

_Espionage, spy fiction and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

_Russia warns it will resort to 'military means' if the West does not bow to its demands over…

_US Slams China’s ‘Unlawful” Claims In South China Sea, Sends USS Carl Vinson & USS Essex For drills

_Sweden boosts patrols on Gotland amid NATO-Russia tensions

_Bitter public squabbling keep House Democrats and Republicans from agreement on 2022 defense…

_Is Britain's Royal Navy Prepared for War in the Persian Gulf?

_Ukraine tensions: OSCE chair warns 'risk of war' highest in 30 years

_⚠️Russia: The Russian Defense Ministry announced that they have launched military exercises with the participation of more than 10,000 troops near the Ukrainian border.


KAZAKHSTAN The worlds 2nd largest Bitcoin mining operations (money laundering by Deep State CABAL) had been halted and upended by white hats military alliance>>> CABLES: Yesterday the mining operations were succeeded and mainlined into the Quantum Financial System


ORDER's sanctuary country, where the DAVOS group CIA and NWO ( ELITES/GATES/ROCKEFELLERS......" " " ..")  > Were hiding money and moving Human Trafficking rings through Asia.

And let's not forget what is going ok in the USA...

Erica Parrótt/Eluminate


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