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Erica Parrótt

In Women's fights for equal rights, they've allowed themselves to become swindled into accepting a narrative that it's ok for men to wear dresses. Those men have then taken over powerful positions in politics & corporations, giving an even higher platform over women & now men are working to infiltrate, dominate & take over women's sports.

Ya know, it's odd. 99% of trans stories, it's always men who think they're women, & never women who think they're men. It's almost as if GMO's & Estrogen has been pumped into vast amounts of foods at an increased rate over the past 20 years. What would that do to a developing brain of a boy in the womb of a pregnant mother? What would that do to the delicate chemical process of a developing brain within a boy from age 2-16, who's regularly consuming such items in fast food & Monsanto products on a daily basis?

Would this also cause girls to gain breasts WAY earlier than they use to & way earlier than they should be getting them?
It's a war on testosterone...Weaken the men...