Normally, I would sit here a type out an arm length of information. But today, I must take a different apporach. Why? Because I've had one of these videos in my stash for a moment that I'm going to share with you. The other popped into my life a few days ago.

One of the videos is from a school board meeting that happend in 2021. When Dr. Sean Brooks, PHD took the floor, and what he said sent the internet into a frenzy! He was drug through the mud, his life was picked apart, he was critizied and called a "fear monger". Now, we stand in 2022, with major athletes all the way down to little brother Bill, falling over dead.

I think it's time to relisten to Dr. Sean Brooks. I for sure know it's time to remind myself and others of all the great things we can do on the front end to keep ourself from always treating symptoms. And for those that are looking for information on how to detox yourself after vaccines, I really hope you will take the time to listen to Dr. Judy Mikovits' insights and medical advice.

Everything we do has a consquence. Everything we put into our body that damages, we also hold the key to reversing that damage. Awarness, being open to perspectives you may not have been before, intentional changes, patience, and discipline are what we each will need to walk in to see a better tomorrow.

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The entire sitdown was very informative. Here are some Time Stamps of interest for those short on time: (10:38, 15:30, 16:50, 17:42)

Dr. Sean Brooks, PHD

Though he was ripped apart, the man had some valuable points. Do a google search and go beyond the top answers to see what all you uncover about the man. Dig through the digital waste and find the myths, the legends, etc.

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