Even though I'm only recently becoming aware of Q and many things put out by the source, one thing is very clear, doesn't seem so crazy after all that we've seen happen so far...does it?

When Q kept saying “Think Mirror”

Many times it was meant as what you are seeing now, it will reflect back on (them)

Part of the reason we had the Mueller “investigation”

Was because we knew their would be (actually had already finished) a Durham investigation

Public is being much more acceptable seeing Durham unsealing indictments while “Biden” is at the helm.

So we ran out the Mueller investigation, And we inserted “Biden”

Partly for unsealing of the Durham indictments

Put it this way....

Imagine if there was no Mueller investigation and Trump was still in office

Every MSM, Leftist and much of America would be screaming that it was just a political “Witch Hunt” for Durham to be indicting people tied to the Clintons. #foodforthought

And let’s see where it goes, publicly anyway. Because it’s already all happened.

Q told us 3 years ago about Clinesmith

It’s all been played out...Or as Q put it

“The Durham investigation ended before it started”

Meaning before we heard about it...Everything already was done.

Erica Parrótt/These Are The Times


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