Don't you just love when someone pushes and puts a rush on something they want done, only to not have their house in full order to make it a true reality? Well that's what happened in Virginia, seems one pharmacy still did not have the correct vials for the younger children that are now being "mandated" to take the shot, and they decided to do their own 'workaround'. A work around that is not authorized and has lead to authorities confiscating Ted Pharmacy's remaining vaccines.

The board of pharmacy told Fox 5 that it was unable to reveal if there is an investigation into a possible violation of law or regulation.

Ester Megally, who is listed in corporate filings as an owner of Ted Pharmacy, did not comment when reached by phone Thursday by the Washington Post.

“It’s a working day for us now, and we are a little bit busy. I’m sorry,” she told the paper.

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