You all are probably anticipating what this piece is going to touch on. I'm sad to say, most of you are going to be wrong. Today I would like to share something that happened to me physically, yes today is about the physical not the emotions. Have you ever thrown your body so far out of sync that you start being affected in your health realm? Well I did in a major way last summer and hopefully what I found may help you.

I am very in tune with my body and what it needs, or why it is doing what it is doing...usually. Last year I allowed myself to get so far from the things my body required, and not just in the day-to-day sense. I was not eating right, my sleep was so far off my normal path that it wasn't funny, and my stress level was through the roof. I was only halfway if at all doing any real self-care, and this included soul work too. In doing this my bodies unhappiness with my choices started to show itself in my digestive area. At first I wrote it off as 'just stress taking its toll'. I allowed this write-off because everything else about my body seemed to still be functioning as normal, just some extra bloating, gas and feelings of uneasyness at times. I had also been in a wreck earlier last year and my back and left leg were still in their healing period. They had really been in a flair up because I wasn't resting properly nor was I eating what I should. I was having massive sizes meals  when I would leave bartending at 4am, then crashing and waking up hungry because I had thrown my food rhythm off. So naturally I would  eat, soon I would find that wasn't the answer. Also during all of this I was still having what I thought was my 'normal' bowel movements.

The day the dam gave way had huge red flags leading into it. But my mind did not even process them that way. The morning before it got to its worse, I woke up and noticed from my stomach around to my back felt as if I were being pulled and pushed (in different directions) at the same time. The pain was at its worse when I would move from sitting to standing or vice versa. I wrote this off to my back pain from the wreck, pushed through did some stretching and just kept it moving. Later that night while bartending, I noticed that the pain now was happening anytime I bent over from the waist down, agian my thoughts were "way to go, you've really over done it and your back is pissed." When I would return to standing position the pain would settle in my side, almost like the feeling of gas but way more pressure. The next morning I'm awakened from that same feeling of pressure, so much so that it is breathtaking! Me being me I push on, slowly press on because the pain has now increased to feeling it when walking. I had morning coffee, and my 'normal' come to Jesus movement, shower and roll with the day, adjusting movements as needed to give way for the pain. I felt full but was starving at the same time, so I met up for an early dinner with friends before going into the bar that night. I had the meal that would be the cherry topper, point of no return, you're going to the ER tonight sis. It was rich, hearty and wholesome: Green beans, pot roast, gravy and mashed potatoes and it was a massive portion. One I defintely shouldn't have been indulging in but yolo. This meal would have been fine if conditions in my body had been normal, and in a few hours I would learn this. It wasn't long I would be at work, after getting behind the bar on the first bend into the cooler I found pain meeting me and keeping me in positon. Yep, I now couldn't stand up straight and not only was there intense pressure, now I felt like I was being stabbed and ripped at as well. Walking was becoming painful with each step and about an hour in I yelled uncle and phoned a medical friend to find out which ER had trauma calls because I would be going to the one without. She without delay said get to Cabell now, I've got you. Thank god too because we were also living in high times of lockdown still due to COVID. Check in immediately cut off all food and liquids until test could be ran, thinking everything I was describing, with my age, the fact that I had a regular bowel movement that morning, and the meal I ate right before...most likely my gall bladder. I too had thought this which is why I was sitting in the ER.

I was in pain to the point now that it hurt no matter how I tried to situate my body. I laid there waiting on all the results to come back. Doctor walks in and small towns have benefits, I personally knew him. His wife and I were old co-worker friends. He giggled and said, "Erica you're so full of shit!" I was like doc really what's the problem. He now is laughing with tears and says, "no really you are so backed up and yes I'm shocked too since your body has been moving things out. But it seems not fully and now you are backed up to the point of hardening and there is where your intense pain is coming from." I was like you got to be shitting me. He immedatily discharged me with ibuprofen and a script for a stool softener. Of course it didn't work, the ibuprofen actually tore my stomach up but nothing was softening up to move it out. It made the constipation worse. So I decided now was the perfect time to dig into my natural bag and start the work of getting my body back. Not just bandaiding the situation and taking medications that bring other problems potentially. I came across my notes from the cleanse I had done while in the Dominican Republic in 2019. Ginger tea and honey, duh! I also wasn't taking any chances and went and copped a $4.95 (after tax) box of Smooth Move tea. I drank one cup of ginger tea with honey first while also power hydrating my body with water. If you are dehydrated your body can not move out what it needs to either.

Ginger is great for nausea, common cold as well as it aids those with digestive issues. It also is an anti-inflammatory so has the potential to aid those suffering with arthritis. Ginger can be added to your daily list of drinks to keep your digestive track on track.

Smooth Move Tea can be found just about anywhere teas are sold.

That same night I drank a cup of Smooth Move tea with honey that night as it suggested and went to bed. I Kid you not woke up and really had a bowel movement! Had my morning coffee, then had 3 more before actually getting my day moving. Don't get me wrong I drank these teas that morning and that night as well. I wanted to be sure that things kept moving and they did. THE week concluded and with lots of awareness I was quickly taking actions to put all of me back on track.

About 3 weeks after all of this, my bill from the ER came. After scripts, labs and the actual visit my grand total due was $1,236.76.

$9.90 spent for 2 boxes of tea and honey (already had) fixed me.

So does that mean I don't have to fully pay them, since they techinally didn't do their full job? lol #askinforafriend

Everything man has made they have memiced from nature. I encourage you to research these things further for yourself and your health. Your body is always talking to you, and even if you know your body through and through don't be so eager to discount things it is trying to tell you. If you aren't as in tune with your body I hope your journey becomes easier with learning yourself. If you don't know what your body needs, how can you begin to explain it to someone else? Drink plenty of water to keep your body able to perform every function it will need to inside and out, and truly check in with yourself or it will cost you in the end. Be it time, money or strength.

You Hold The Keys.

Here's to a healthly, happier life and gut!  #wednesdaywisdom

Erica P.