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Hey 👋 I create microservices to help creatives in their daily lifes. Most of them are free to use =) 

I also create free video breakdowns of Unity real-time film making. // // ToTheThirdDimension

Free abstract 3D elements for designers and founders.  4K and web optimised. Pay a small amount to get the source files or have them customised to fit your project

Together with Frederik Villumsen we created AnimPricer to help animators and studios estimate the costs of their projects. In a few steps you input your desired style, audio requirements and more and we give an estimate based on our experiences in the industry. It's free to use so feel very welcome to support it so we can keep it live.

This resource helps designers navigate the freelance work scene and find per-project gigs. There are thousands of platforms out there, but I've crawled the web and collected a handful that all cater to designers and gig-based tasks. The resource is free and continuously updated. Donations are warmly welcome.