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I'm here to help you streamline your homemaking so that it's easier and faster (and gets even easier over time).


So you can ENJOY your life right now,

have more energy and focus for the things and people you love,

and make beautiful memories you'll love looking back on.

Become a member, and I'll help you declutter your home. 

I'll send daily tasks via text (US/CAN) that will take just 15 minutes and jumpstart you into action for the day. It's okay if you miss some here and there... no need to catch up.

Just jump in where you are. Every day is new.

Join at the Silver tier, and get monthly decluttering coaching, face-to-face!

Once a month, our community group will meet on Zoom and I'll help you know what to do next on your decluttering path. If you've come up against any obstacles, I'll help you break through them so that you can keep going instead of hitting a wall.

We'll share celebrations and "wins," and make a plan until the next time we meet.

And you can text me in between if you hit a snag.

Need private support? Join the Gold tier and you've got it!

In the gold coaching tier, you and I will meet up face to face (via Zoom) twice a month. Just us.

We'll find times that work with your schedule, so I can hold your hand to clutter-freedom.

I'll guide you through the decluttering process as long as you need me, and celebrate with you as you gain your freedom from "stuff," for good.

Ready to feel great about your home and family life?

You clicked for a reason. Something brought you here. You know you're ready for a change. Well, I'm here for you and all you have to do now is say yes.