Are you honouring your path?

Each of us is here to walk a different path. And on that path, we are either taking the steps that lead us forward or hold us back depending on our choices. It is easy to compare our journey to everyone else, and it can be hard to remember that our journey is for our soul’s growth, especially when we feel stuck. But feeling stuck can be a positive thing. It can help us to see that it’s time to honour ourselves and our path because this journey isn’t about the destination, it’s about how we get there, the experiences we have, and what we learn along the way.

That’s why honouring your path and where you are on your journey right now is so important. It really doesn’t matter if you are just starting, if you feel stuck with no direction or if you are charging ahead. Honouring your path is a necessary action to take.


The first step in honouring your path is respect. For yourself and what you are going through. Even if life is really shitty right now, respect yourself for the steps you are taking to heal and move forward. It’s not easy to rise up, that’s why so many of us struggle. It takes real strength to acknowledge that you need to change your life and even more strength to start taking the action needed to make that happen. Don’t brush off what you are doing as no small thing. Respect yourself and your journey enough to accept you are doing the work and creating a better life.


The second step is to make small shifts in your attitude and this can be a tough one. Many of us have been raised to focus on our failures and on what we haven’t yet accomplished. Instead of focusing on what you haven’t yet done or achieved, focus on what you have. Believe it or not but you have accomplished a lot so far in your life, especially those things that you just take for granted such as school, university, finding work or getting your license. These might seem simple things that you don’t consider important but to others, they are huge achievements. Remember that it’s not how big the steps are in your journey, and it’s not how fast you get there, it’s that you are moving and working and making progress. Start focusing on your progress and achievements, no matter how small or slow you think it is.

See the best in yourself

Step three is to see the best in yourself and yes, if you thought your attitude was tough to change, this is even tougher. We are all here to learn and grow. We are all trying to improve and create lives filled with love and happiness but that is going to be a struggle if you lack belief in yourself. Everything works on vibration. EVERYTHING. So if you are vibing at a level that says, ‘I can’t do this, I’m wasting my time, it won’t work...’ then you are going to struggle and make your journey harder. But when you believe in yourself and what you are doing, when you are focused on taking the action that will move you forward bit by bit, then you are going to find the journey forward that much easier. Why? Because everything you are doing, is bringing you closer to your truth.

Acknowledge yourself

Step four follows the train of thought of step three by encouraging you to acknowledge yourself. No one said human life with its ego and fears, was easy. But it also doesn’t have to be as hard as we often make it. Acknowledge yourself. Acknowledge where you are right now in your life. Acknowledge what you have battled and overcome. Acknowledge your ‘failures’ and ‘mistakes’. Acknowledge that you are doing the best you can right now and that’s okay. We spend so much time comparing ourselves to others that we often forget that where we are is exactly where we need to be. When we feel stuck, it’s often because we are so focused on comparing our journey to the journey of those around us. Acknowledge the present and where you are right now and your journey will that much easier.

Stand in your power

Finally, remember to stand in your power. We give our power away so easily, be it with our words or actions or thoughts. We give it to other people and situations yet standing in our power is the best way to honour ourselves and our path. And much of your power will come from the steps above, from respecting yourself and your path, from believing in yourself, from acknowledging where you are and where you have been. When you are in your power, it is much harder for others to shake you and bring you down. And when you are in your power, you are honouring you and your path.

It’s all too easy to brush our journey aside, to compare ourselves to others but if we truly want to move forward, we must honour where we are and where we have been. Your journey is yours and yours alone. No matter where you are or how fast or slow you think you are moving, by honouring your path, you are honouring yourself and all that you are creating.