In the spiritual realm, our soul contracts are important but they are not something that is really spoken about. Which is a little strange, I think because our soul contracts are an essential part of who we are and our journey here on earth. And as a Quantum Akashic Guide, I’ve come to learn and appreciate the importance of these contacts, not just in my life, but in the lives of my clients.

What are soul contracts?

Let’s talk first about why soul contracts are. Soul contracts are the agreements we make before starting a new life. Now I know not everyone believes in reincarnation, and I respect that, but as a reader of the Akashic Records, I’m aware of the many lives our souls have lived across thousands of years. 

Before beginning a new life or incarnation, we are given the opportunity to make a list of the connections, relationships, lessons, and experiences we want to have. This list that we agree to then becomes the contracts by which we live our new life.

Quite often these contracts are connected to karma (the kind where we experience the outcome of our actions and choices, both positive and negative) and often, the contracts we make are the direct result of an experience in our past lives.

Generally, our contracts are a good thing. They help us learn new lessons, see things from a new perspective, allow us to connect with family and friends or even finish something we started in a past life. There are many people for example, who find that they have been healers or teachers in many of their past lives because of how fulfilling this work is to them. But sometimes we find that as life progresses, and as we start to complete the lessons we agreed to, that our contracts are no longer in alignment with who we are and who we want to be.

But aren’t they set in stone?


It's often believed that once contracts and agreements are made, that’s it. Nothing we can do about it. Sorry, just have to deal. But thankfully, this is simply not true. One of the wonderful aspects of the Akashic Records is that they grow and change as we do. Everything action, thought or decision affects our path and our journey and while we may have agreed to a certain contract, we can change it if it no longer fits.

It needs to be said however that there are some contracts that can’t be changed. Who you have chosen as family members for example, or a particular lesson that is necessary for your growth and healing, are contracts that often can’t be changed. However, most can and learning more about your contracts is a powerful way to create the life you want.

Working with your contracts

As I mentioned, we make our contracts for this life based on previous lives. From people we want to avoid or reconnect with, to experiences we want to repeat and even the option to see an experience from a new perspective, are all reasons behind the contracts we make. Of course, there are times when what seemed like a good idea before this life, often isn’t once you begin your journey and start living your life.

For example, I came into this life with an agreement to only earn $5000 per year in order to experience struggle and poverty. I did this because in a past life, I didn’t understand what it was like not to have everything handed to me. I have had a number of lives where I was either wealthy myself or well taken care of by others, so my understanding of money was a little skewed. In this life, I wanted to understand what it felt like not to be able to afford even the simplest things. Now, this is an important lesson, obviously but honestly, why I would want to earn such a low amount is beyond my current level of consciousness. Yet I do understand from a lesson perspective why I chose this. Through my records I have been able to acknowledge this contract and change it to one that allows me to live a life that supports me, my family and allows me to help others because I do now understand the struggle that others face.

The process of changing our agreements and contracts are much easier than we think. A simple visit into our records and we can discover and unlock our old contracts and agreements, understand why we made them, and rewrite them so that they are in alignment with who we are now.

If you find that you are struggling with certain areas of your life and want to discover why, then a trip to your Akashic Records could be just what you need to bring clarity to your life and change your contracts to support the life you wish to have.