Most of us are aware that the Akasha holds a great deal of information. One of the benefits of other, higher dimensions is that time is not linear and there’s no one way to do things. While the Akashic Records can be personal and allow us to read our soul’s history to uncover and unlock our fears, beliefs and patterns of behaviour that have followed us throughout time, there is a lot more you can do with the Akashic Records than just read your own soul.

So, what exactly can you read in the Akashic Records?

Far from just being the library and book of your soul, there is so much information within the Akasha that you can learn from. Many people are shocked to learn that you can read more than just your own soul or the souls of other humans, because that’s what we have been told – that the Akashic Records are the soul’s history and nothing more. Not true! Here are some of the things you canuse the Akashic Records for in order to gain insight, guidance and information that is relevant to you or those around you…

Animals and Pets

Okay, this one’s kind of easy given that animals and pets have souls like us but even so, most of us don’t think about this one. If you work with animals or simply want to get to know your own pets more deeply (and especially if you have a new pet that you suspect is the reincarnation of your old pet) then accessing their Akashic Records can provide a wealth of information for you.


Yes, believe it or not but homes have a record too. Think of it like the movie ‘If These Walls Could Talk’ that looks at three moments in time and three different occupants in the home all dealing with unwanted pregnancy… the movie shows what each woman went through in making her decisions. The records of a home are kind of the same. You can use them to find out the history of the house, of the energy that still sits within it, the love and pain it has experienced and if it is home you are planning on renting or buying, you can even ask if it is the right place for you and your family.

Public Places, Land, Monuments, Cities and Towns

Bet you didn’t know that the history of your town is more than what is written in books. You can enter the records of a specific place, piece of land (great if you are looking to buy that piece of land), landmarks and monuments, cities and towns, even specific buildings within a city or town. It’s like getting your own private tour of what has really taken place there, in a way that will never be recorded for the masses. This is particularly good if you feel called to a particular place and want to know what your connection is to it and why it feels so significant to you.

Companies and Businesses

How does a company or business have a soul? Well technically they don’t but the records aren’t just a record of the soul. They are a record of anything with a history and even businesses that have been created yet, if they are part of someone’s soul contract, then they can be read in the records. Businesses readings are particularly good if you are feeling stuck within your business because it allows you to gain insight and clarity around the purpose of your business, your ideal clients and the products and services to offer, along with helping you uncover any blocks and fears from the past that will hamper your success.

Creation and Learning

Just as some people use tarot and oracle cards to help them create, you can also ask the records for guidance around your own creative endeavours. From books to blog posts, videos to what program to create for your clients, the records are a wealth of information. You can also ask the records for information on your education or what you need to learn right now for your journey and path. 

As you can see, there is more to the Akashic Records than just finding out about past lives. The information, guidance, support and insight you are searching for is all there waiting for you. All you have to do is ask!