Everything in life moves in cycles, not just the cycle of life, death and rebirth but cycles of increase and decrease as well. We all travel through the hills and valleys, the ups and downs, the struggles and the achievements, and it’s easy sometimes to forget that things will get better.

When we enter a time of increase, we are entering into a time of expansion. A time where our energy grows and extends from within. Growth is a necessary part of life. When we grow, we are learning and changing and depending on the cycle or stage you are at in your journey, it can be difficult not to fight this growth. Why? Because growth can be scary. Growth can mean having to step out of your comfort zone or making dramatic changes. It can mean realising that certain situations or people aren’t the right fit for you anymore and that you have to walk away. 

Often, growth and expansion comes as a gentle shift, a change or even a feeling of destruction. It can feel as if your entire world is being ripped from you. But when we let go of the fear, we can see how the changes coming are for our highest good. As you grow on your journey and as your energy expands, you will find new opportunities and possibilities presenting themselves to you. New people will come into your life to offer support and guidance. Unexpected money may come your way or you may be offered your dream job. As you expand, so does your world, if you can be open to the signs around you.

But what does it really mean to be coming into a new cycle of growth and expansion? To be ‘upleveling’ your life? As I mentioned above, often it can look like the opposite.

Growth can show up as:

Unexpected bills or expenses 

An unexpected windfall

A new relationship

A new job

Finding yourself homeless or with a short amount of time to find somewhere to live

Job loss

A traumatic breakup 

A major loss

The death of someone close

The realisation that you cannot continue doing something that you have always done

An intense need to dramatically change your life or your appearance 

The realisation that you can no longer tolerate certain people or situations in your life

When you look over this list, it’s no wonder we fear growth and expansion. It’s far easier to sit back in our comfort zone, dealing with the same crap we always have, than to go through these changes. Yet, these changes come to change our lives for a reason. They come to show us who we are, and the truth in our soul. Of course, you don’t have to grow or expand. You have free will and can just stay as you are. But is that what you really want?

When growth and expansion come knocking, grab the opportunities presented with both hands. Take a chance. Let your world crumble so you can start fresh. Allow for a metaphorical death so that you can be reborn into something and someone more powerful and empowered. Don’t fight the changes that come as the world shows you your inner growth. Take a chance and let yourself expand into something and someone even more amazing than you are right now.