[Add On] Custom Signals
Attention ambitious traders! 

Do you have an idea or strategy you'd love to see created and brought to life? Are you looking for a way to turn your unique trading ideas into a reality? Perhaps you want to experiment thoroughly and backtest with ease, as well as live-trade using your new strategy?

This Add-on is perfect for you! Get a personalised script-writing service tailored specifically to your needs! Compliment your new strategy by taking advantage of all the Dynamic features and functionality already found in the Advanced DCA Tool! 

By purchasing this add on, you will get: 

• Your own strategy and trading idea turned into a reality. 

• Your new strategy added to the Advanced DCA Tool. 

• A private password key to access your new strategy. 

• Additional personalised support & resources. 

• Increased ability to fine-tune and optimise your strategy. 

If you are a creative and ambitious trader looking to expand your trading toolkit, then this is for you! Unleash your trading potential - Purchase now and gain a competitive edge! 🎉 

Note - Creating your unique trading strategy takes time, but it's worth the wait! And since we offer a personalized service, we have limited slots available. Don't miss out on the chance to supercharge your trading with our Custom Signals add-on - act now and secure your spot! 🎉
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[Add On] Custom Signals

To get started, fill in the request below with some details of the Custom Trading Strategy you would like added. This can include things like:

• Links
• Attachments
• Detailed descriptions
•  Articles
• Youtube videos etc.

Press 'Book' to begin your personalised trading journey 🎉

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