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Water crazy photographer. Love swimming, dance, dogs and adventure. On Instagram I post my photography and give insight into a life with ME/CFS. Please read my story!


Wow, my story is a LONG one, but I'll try to give you the short version. 

So firstly, before I dive into my hopes and dreams, I have to explain my current predicament. I have a neuro-immune disease called ME/CFS. Mine is currently severe, thus I am mostly house and bedbound. This makes living a productive life nearly impossible. However, my health is slowly improving and I believe I will be healthy enough to fulfill my dreams soon.

So with that said...I have a few dreams. Firstly I would very much like to teach women with a fear of water how to swim. To empower women from all walks of life to conquer fear. Before the major deterioration in my health that was exactly what I did. I want to expand and build a pool of my own, it doesn't have to be large, where I can help these women overcome their fear in a safe, private and comfortable environment. Helping women who have been through trauma, especially abuse and sexual assault, is my passion. Helping women who struggle with their identity due to mental illness or other trauma is a must. I have been through all of the above and my heart is for these women. The costs involved are astronomical, so I'll need your help to raise funds. I also want to compete in masters swimming one day.                                                                                           Then there is my photography. I simply love it! I have so much to learn, but I dream of traveling the world and doing street photography. I want to capture life. The joy, love, pain and suffering of people all over the world. I also want to capture nature, especially the tiny unseen wonders, as well as underwater photographyThen there is a cause very dear to me...ME/CFS. I want to support the ME community in any way I can. The healthier I am, the more I can contribute. It is a horrible disease that has robbed so many special people of their lives. Currently I am a member of the ME/CFS Foundation of South Africa. I have contributed to some foundation projects in various ways from providing videos to raise awareness to donating photos to raise funds for the foundation. Full disclosure, I do get a little compensation for my photography contribution.                                                          I can go on and on for I have so many dreams, but right now I am stuck in bed. Fighting to just keep my head above water. I want to raise funds now, so that when I'm physical capable I can immediately start making these dreams a reality. So if you see your way clear, please buy me a coffee💕🤗                                    PS. I want to write a book about my life, because I know it can help so many people. It's been a wild ride thus far. I just need an ending that can provide undeniable hope. I'm also going to create my own website with blog aimed at encouraging women.                            

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Enid you are a brave ME. Warrior. Thank you for helping me to get started on IG. Good luck with your dreams. 

Thank you so much! It was my absolute pleasure!🌼💕

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