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April Poolson bought a coffee.

I missed this today 😢

Aw dang, we'll catch you on another one for sure. Thank you for the coffee!

calebhyles bought 5 coffees.

Sorry I couldn't make it! Here's a coffee for y'all ♥

All good. Thank you for the coffees.!! We'll be in touch with more offerings =)

@jdiddy bought 5 coffees.

Crazy times we're living in. Hope you're doing well! I'll keep an eye out for the next webinar/online event. 

truly... we are okay, hope so on your end too. We'll be in touch for sure, thank you kindly for the coffees!

@marabvernon bought 3 coffees.

Thanks for sharing your time and enneagram knowledge

thanks Mara. On the other side of this, EnneaApp is going to buy YOU a coffee in person =) 

paula bought 3 coffees.

Maybe use it for some bagels?  Looking forward to listening and learning!

hahah bagels and coffee, what more could we want. THANK YOU!!