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Hello there! 

I'm an author, podcaster, and blogger - to date I've published four non-fiction middle-grade history books, as well as contributions to I'm also currently involved with 5 different podcasts including: Epik Fails of History, Podcasters Assemble, 2 Young 4 This Trek, Comic Zombie, and the Super Switch Club!

I've even got a few other written works in development as well, including a sci-fi / noir novella titled "2299" (coming soon?), and a horror comic book mini-series called "Sunshine State", in addition to several short stories that I'm currently shopping around to various magazines. *Fingers crossed*

Despite finding numerous ways to keep myself busy, I'm basically the modern example of a starving artist. It turns out that I'm really good at editing podcasts and putting words together (sometimes), but I'm not always so great at monetizing all my hard work. 

So if you enjoy any of my history blogs, nerdy articles, or any of the various pods I help put together, let me know, and feel free to drop me a buck or two to help fuel my caffeine dependency so I can keep cranking out content for all of you! 

 - Erik Slader