Buy Eragon a coffee


I'm a web developer looking to provide a helpful resource to the players of Celtic Heroes, a mobile MMORPG

I started the website as a free player resource - built by a player and for the players. I'm freely giving my time and effort toward maintaining and updating the website, and also paying for the domain name and web hosting, completely for the player base. 

I don't plan to monetize the website in any way, (such as by loading it up with ads). I don't believe in making money off of other people's content.

However, if you would like to donate a minor amount to help contribute toward the costs of maintaining the site, (and/or to get me a cuppa joe for the caffeine boost to finish up a feature), I would be very much appreciative!

Donating is not necessary by any means, but a friend in-game expressed interest in showing some appreciation for my efforts, so I was encouraged to set this up.