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Hello hello hello! I'm really glad you've found me. Grounded Birth is a space for all things related to feminine conscious awakening. I am a doula, mother of two, partner, community volunteer, and advocate that holds space for the unfolding of our journey in life. We all find our path, and I am here to allow your curiosity to evolve.

I hold space for the liberating truth and for the women for which womanhood has brought the awareness that something inside of them is nudging them; a rising knowing that there are parts of themselves undiscovered.

I’m doing 'all of this' for our community and my family. I am offering this out of a deep desire to connect, support, and liberate the culture around mental, emotional, and spiritual health. When I support the community with these heartfelt offerings, the community in-turn supports me. 

This space is for women that are seeking connection + conversation, spiritual + personal growth, to be witnessed — seen, heard, acknowledged.

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