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Hey I’m Esme, a mama and creator. I write and paint and love spending time in nature and connecting with my self and the earth. My book is a poetry book based on healing, nature, life experience and connection to spirit and self, I guess it would fall into the category of self help books… created with the intention of helping and strengthening others as it has me. My paintings are mostly inspired by water, some abstract, some landscape. I’m soon to be moving to an off grid lifestyle with my partner Matt, daughter Nila and dog Uncle Louie, we’re moving onto a narrowboat in the south west of England and we’ll be making money away from the mainstream, through selling my art, creating YouTube videos, coffee education/training via matt, selling plants and water ionisers, your support literally helps keep us afloat and supports us in living life in tune with our hearts and live out our purposes. 

My purpose in life is to live to my fullest whilst encouraging others to do the same. We’re here to be our most authentic selves whilst living in tune with our birthright of joy and freedom, however somewhere along the way society forced us to shrink and become scared of embodying and being who we truly are, it takes courage, bravery and strength to work through this worldwide societal conditioning, some people will do the inner work, some people won’t, the secret is to have more compassion for everyone no matter the path of life they’re walking. My intention is to help others be brave in coming home to who they really are and going out into the world confidently in their fullest expression. 

With your support not only does it support my family to live the way we are, with one another ( the way it’s meant to be) , but it helps me to focus on the ✨work✨ that I’m here to do as a spiritual being in tune with the truth. The collective of earths consciousness is rising, we as human beings have a duty to come back to our spirit, back to our true nature and I feel I’m here to help us do that. So thank you for being here with me and for helping me help others. Esme :)

Esme 🌹

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