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Hey 👋 I make detailed guides and how to's on everything home automation, from DIY electronic projects to honest product reviews and everything in between. I also cover my love for anything and everything tech related and some deep dives on the things I run into day to day as a SysAdmin.

If you'd like to check out what I do, you can find my website here.

I'd love to hear your ideas on what you would like me to cover also, please send your suggestions to me!

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thankyou for knowledge sharing

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Love your work, especially on Truenas and Home Assistant. Learned a lot from your video's. Keep up 👍

Tohtori R
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Great video of the MQTT. some have the gift to explain shortly but with all the important aspects!💪

Thanks Tohtori! Appreciate your support!

F. Biekart
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Thanks for your efforts. It really helps to understand and build what I like to create

Thank you for your support, good luck!

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Thank you so much, made my day!

Thank you Peter!!