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Hi! Thank you for being interested in my project

I've always been fascinated with data - and cars!

For three years, I supervised the design, production and racing of a Formula Car 🏎️, then I started doing research on motorcycle dinamics 🏍️... I learned a lot and want to share my knowledge with you!

Through @F1DataAnalysis, I analyse Formula One telemetries and provide insights to my followers, explaining in a simple way what my Mechanical Engineer eyes see 👀⚙️

Become a Member:

-You will access additional 'In-Depth' Analyses, Early access content, get a personalised 'welcome' tweet on my page, full access to all my previous content and more!

-You will get a dedicated role in my Discord Server: link your BuyMeACoffee account to Discord to unlock it!

-You will allow me to continue this project: this has become a part-time job, taking up time from other things. Thank all of you that become members already!

If in doubt, do it: you can ask for a refund during the first month! 

​Thank you, I'm sure you'll learn a lot.

F1DataAnalysis :)