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Full Frontal Faith

Some describe this podcast as edgy and outside the box but the mission is the same: to glorify God and share the truth of God's saving grace to the world.

Created initially at the height of the COVID19 pandemic it was originally created to produce small short devotionals to provide comfort and assurance of God's sovereign control over all things good or bad. 

It is becoming an entertainment platform intended to help edify those in the faith, as well as provide insight to those wondering about the basics of the Christian faith. 

Sustaining this podcast of course does not come free. It is with hope that God will sustain it and if you should feel so inclined and your heart is moved to assist in the operating costs of this show your generosity is appreciated. If you are unable that's ok too, as long as the Word of God provides the comfort, thankfulness, and gratitude towards His mercy and grace then mission accomplished.