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Mike Seabrook is a counselling therapist based in Brisbane, QLD. He also volunteers on the Board of Directors for the charity Liberty Enterprises, which helps people in crisis.

Hi there

Thank you for viewing my page. And thanks for buying me a coffee - if I don't get a chance to have the coffee, I'll be sure to pay it forward to someone in need (I'll make sure to tell them who it came from as well).

In fact, while I'm paying that coffee forward to someone, I'll sit down and have a therapeutic conversation with them, to see how I can help them on your behalf. 

I publish counselling, meditation, mindfulness, self-improvement, and other informative articles on my personal Medium blog,

I also run a publication on Medium called 'A Therapist's Ruminations', which is a daily reflection from the mind of a therapist. It can be viewed at

Thanks again for the love and support!

- Mike