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Hi Everyone. My name is Greg Moore. I’m a Fire Apparatus Technician for the Regional Fire Department of the City of St. John’s in Newfoundland, Canada. I have been a mechanic all my life, but ever since I became a Fire Apparatus Technician (Or “FAT” for short), I truly feel I have found my calling. I take pride in my job, and knowing that people’s lives and property depend on the equipment that our team repairs keeps me focused and on task.

I am a firm believer that knowledge, is power when it comes to working on firefighting equipment. One of the biggest challenges I faced when I first started on this career path was a lack on accessible knowledge for someone starting out. The equipment was so unique that I really had to dig deep to get help and information. Lucky for me, I work for a department that encourages training. In September 2019, I was sent to the Spartan Fire Truck Training Conference in Lansing, Michigan. I met all kinds of people just like me, and all with the same concern – a lack of accessible information and resources. That’s why conferences like these are so important to Fire Apparatus Technicians.

Recognizing this gap in information and training, I took a leap and formed F.A.T. Talk - A Facebook Group for Fire Apparatus Technicians. This became a group where Technicians from all around the world could gather, network, and brainstorm solutions to problems with these complex, life saving vehicles. 

F.A.T. Talk has since grown into a bee hive of information. Consisting currently of over a thousand members, ranging from Technicians, Suppliers and trainers,  it is fast becoming the best place on the planet for a technician to source information about Fire Apparatus Repair.

Alone with the Facebook Group there is a POD Cast and YouTube Channel all aimed at educating Fire Apparatus Technicians. There is also a Scholarship being awarded to Technicians that require some extra financial help with in becoming EVT Certified. 

All of this takes a large investment of time, and my own personal money. I spend a lot of late nights doing my very best to keep things running smoothly. If you would consider buying me a coffee, I would be very grateful to you. 

Take Care